Have a question? Take a moment to review the most frequently asked questions about VCU and VCU Health stationery. 

First-time login

I have logged in to the e-catalog for the first time. Why do I need to enter my information?

This information is used throughout the e-catalog and will automatically fill in your information in the templates and shipping sections. Once you enter your information the first time, you will not have to do it again the next time you log in.

Why does this information automatically fill in the stationery templates?

The goal of the e-catalog system is to make the ordering process swift and effortless. Auto-filling your information is one way to do that. All auto-filled information can be changed or deleted if you are ordering an item for someone else.

I made a mistake entering in my preferences. How do I fix it?

Select the “Preferences” link at the top of the page to update your information. 

The basics

What stationery items can I order online? How can I see what’s in my shopping cart? How do I check my order status? Where can I view past orders?

From the main menu at the top of the page, there are links to see all of the stationery products offered, to review what’s in your shopping cart, to check the status of an order and to view past orders.

Where can I find pricing for a stationery item?

After choosing a product, select the “Description/Details” link for it, then select “View Pricing.”

Can I order more than one item at a time? 

Yes. After adding items to your cart, select “Continue Shopping.”

How do I reorder a stationery item?

Select the “Order History” from the main menu at the top of the ordering page. Find the item you would like to reprint and choose “Reorder This Item.” Follow the steps for entering your billing and shipping information to complete your reorder.

Can students order stationery items from the e-catalog? 

No. Only VCU and VCU Health employees are permitted to order items through the e-catalog. If a student wants stationery items, they need to speak to the appropriate faculty or staff member to determine if an item can be ordered for them.

Entering and proofing your order

My department or location is not in the drop-down menu. How can I include it on my stationery item?

At the bottom of the drop-down menu, select “Other” and type in the dialog box that will appear below it. There is a character limit for this option.

My full name or email address is too long. I want to include more than one address on my business card. How can I can fit them on my stationery item?

For VCU stationery items, contact stationery@vcu.edu, or marketing@vcuhealth.org for VCU Health items.

Can the templates be altered for a custom order?

No. Custom or personalized stationery orders are no longer permitted as of July 2012 to conserve resources and reduce costs.

Why do I need to proof my order?

With the e-catalog system, you are responsible for the content of your order as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions stated on the B&B Printing e-catalog. Remember to proof your order before submitting. B&B Printing is not responsible for the content on any stationery orders. If something is misspelled or entered incorrectly, it is the sole responsibility of the user.

Delivery and billing

How does B&B Printing deliver my order?

B&B Printing uses a local courier service to deliver orders to the Monroe Park and MCV campuses, and the Richmond area. They will use UPS to mail orders outside of Richmond. Please include your street address, not your mailbox number, with your shipping information when ordering. And, include the name of your building, floor and suite numbers to ensure the delivery of your order.

Who do I contact if

  • I have a billing question?
  • I did not receive a confirmation email after placing an order?
  • I did not receive a packing slip or a receipt?
  • I have a rush order?
  • I entered my shipping information incorrectly?

Please contact Lynn O’Flaherty at (804) 419-9004 or loflaherty@bbprintnet.com, or Greg Frazee at (804) 419-9023 or gfrazee@@bbprintnet.com at B&B Printing.